This lovely birthday tiara was passed along to me yesterday and I was told that Miss Fran wants to see a picture of Lily Rose wearing it. It is really difficult to get pictures of her with her eyes open and/or her tongue in her mouth, so one out of two isn’t bad. I think she looks quite regal, tongue and all. We were late getting home from the ballpark last night, so we are saving the eating of the birthday cake for tonight when her Daddy’s home. I think it is a right of passage of motherhood that we meticulously plan only the best in the way of infant nutrition for 12 months, then we hand them a piece of cake on their birthday. If it’s only me doing this, don’t tell me – I don’t need the guilt. Watch for pictures later of this life-changing event for Lily Rose!

I love this picture of Jacob which was taken last week when we went out to eat on his birthday. It says, “Mom, are you really going to take my picture here in this restaurant?” Hey – you only turn twenty once, and I’m the one who’s going to document it!

As Carolyn would say, this is my Happy Birthing Day picture with Jacob. I told him some of his birth story. I think I am going to write them down to share with the kids. On my birthday Jacob told me I was getting old. After he picked himself up off the floor (just kidding – we were on the phone), I reminded him that when Lily is his age, he will be about the age I am now. Think about that one, kiddo! Posted by Picasa

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