Happy fall, y’all!! This is my favorite time of year. It’s not only our anniversary month, but we start to feel hints of cooler weather. I love living in a place with four distinct seasons, although spring seems to fly by in the south. Have you ever noticed how a 70° day feels different in the fall, with a cool breeze, than in the spring, with a warm breeze?

I almost made my first cup of hot chocolate today, but I decided maybe I was rushing things. 🙂

{Speaking of hot chocolate, how do you like yours? Do you add peppermint, caramel, whipped cream, or prefer it plain? Do you make it with water (like my husband) or milk (like me)? — And do you call it hot chocolate or hot cocoa?}

I wanted to share a turning leaves sort of autumn photo with you, but it’s too soon for that here and I’ve heard this will be a less colorful season because of weather conditions this summer. (Did anyone else not realize that could happen?)

We were so excited to discover cherry trees in the front yard of our new house, but the leaves fell off in the middle of the summer. It’s crazy! They’re bare as winter and have been for a while. Apparently that can happen when the summer is really hot; all the other cherry trees around us are bare too.

This month’s calendar features a blue spruce from Kinsey Family Farms. Blue spruce trees are not only gorgeous, but they produces a powerful essential oil that smells amazing too. (Read all about it in my book It All Began in a Garden, which is currently discounted by 69% on Amazon!)

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