Are you as excited about the release of my new book It All Began in a Garden as I am? Are you an essential oil user who wants to learn more or someone who doesn’t understand exactly what essential oils are, but wants to?

I’m so honored by your support and I’VE GOT BIG NEWS!

The Launch Team application just went live and I’d be honored if you’d like to help me spread the word about this book. Find out all the details here:

It All Began in a Garden LAUNCH TEAM

Also, when you preorder It All Began in a Garden, which releases September 1, you’ll be eligible for preorder bonuses (including three extra chapters, which can be downloaded now!) and to win one of two essential oils starter kits. YES, you read that right!!

Read all about the book or fill out the form to claim your preorder bonuses here:

It All Began in a Garden book page + Preorder Bonuses submission form

I am so excited to finally share this book with you!!

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