I had the marketing call for my new book It All Began in a Garden last week and I was a little nervous. {You’re going to FLIP over the pre-order bonuses!!} COVID threw life into a tailspin—we all get that—but I imagined I’d done everything all wrong already. (Is this more of an Enneagram 3 thing or does everyone put this much pressure on themselves?)?

I grabbed my camera and walked around the yard photographing flowers, and then I grabbed my macro lens and did it all over again.

I needed to slow down and find the inner peace waiting on the other side of that lens. To get the big picture, I needed to look at the small. In this case, the macro. ?

{I love thinking about the words: to find the micro—the extremely small—we use the macro—very large in scale—lens. It magnifies the minute.}?

Looking through my lens calmed my mind and then I oiled up for all the things: Valor for, well, valor. Clarity for clarity. Last but not least, my CBD Calm roller for—you guessed it—calm. (See a pattern here?)

After the call, I sat down at my computer and played with the photos. A few months ago I bought an editing software that works with Artificial Intelligence (Luminar 4). Mind officially blown. SO FUN!

How do YOU calm down and relax when you get the jitters?

{Find details on my camera and lenses on my Camera page.}

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