He is Risen

I photographed some dogwood blooms on at a local park on our last day before Georgia’s shelter-at-home took effect. When I uploaded the images to Lightroom at home, I rediscovered a batch of dogwood images I took in 2014 and added text for Easter. Honestly, I don’t remember what I did with them then, but I want to make them available to you now to use as a screensaver this week to remember what it represents. Dogwood blooms represent a beautiful, visual reminder of the crucifixion.

Many of us are not used to only worshipping at home each week. I hope these photos help prepare your heart for Easter, as you miss gathering with the members of your local church.

I considered using one for this month’s desktop calendar, but I wanted something bright and cheery for the entirety of the month. These feel especially somber. I would love to hear if you choose to use them and how they make you feel.

Blessings, and Happy Easter!

{Click each image to download a larger version.}

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