April 2019 desktop calendar

Instead of delivering a late March calendar, I decided on an early one for April!

I got a membership this year to Gibbs Gardens, specifically with desktop calendars in mind, but this one came from a small potted plant my son gave me. I wanted to capture it while it was still alive and well. Sad but true! I wish plants could speak to me; I’m just not good at figuring out what they need.

I had a lot of fun with my new camera and my macro lens on this photo (camera info available on my Camera page). The flowers themselves are actually very small, as you can see in this image with a different lens:


Things are blooming here in Georgia and the pollen count is high. The daffodils are past their prime as well as many of the cherry blossoms; now I’m watching for the dogwoods and their lovely blooms.

This is the first spring for our son, his wife, and baby in their new house. They’re discovering all that pops up in their yard, like the hostas just starting to peek through the dirt. We picked up several rose bushes from them this weekend that needed a new home, and my husband and daughters dug up some old, sad looking bushes in our yard that they’ll replace.

What treasures appear in your yard or neighborhood each spring? 

Download your April desktop calendar!


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