January 2019 desktop calendar

Your desktop needs a new look for the new year—no diet or resolution required!

I apologize for not giving you a desktop the past two months. Truth be told, these winter seasonal desktops STRESS ME OUT! I live in Georgia, which is not a winter wonderland, and calendar-worthy shots aren’t easy to come by (this one is not from this year).

I watched two Hallmark movies in December that featured photographers wanting great December shots. I just knew I was going to get amazing ideas for your desktop calendar! However one of those movies took place in a Hallmark Christmas fairyland town and in the other, the photographer hovered over snow-covered mountains in Alaska in a small aircraft.

Unfortunately, I have nothing like that to offer. {insert sad face emoji}

Did you choose a Word for 2019?

Succulent Planter

I’ve settled on my Word of the year and (unintentionally) did something that represents it when I transplanted these little succulents in my bathroom window planter. I have a lousy track record at keeping plants alive. I try—really, I do—however I won’t measure the success of my 2019 Word, Grow, by their success.

(Don’t be confused by the photo, although Family was my Word in 2016.)

My Young Living business begins the year 122 families strong. The more it grows, the more lives are blessed. (Please visit my Oils page if you want to join me and make 2019 a healthier year for you and your family. The toxins we’re exposing our families to each day are no joke.)

I’m writing two new books this year. Much planning, research, time, and yes—growth—will happen along the way.

This year I hope to break through old habits and tendencies that are growth blockers. It would be easy to blow them off and say, “That’s me. It’s just the way I am,” but I’m not looking for excuses to fail. I’m looking for reasons to succeed.

I might even choose an oil of the year—Oola Grow would be a no-brainer!

Do you claim a Word each year and if so, have you chosen yours?

Download January’s Desktop Calendar


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