When We Own Our Mistakes at (in)courage

As a child, I didn’t fully appreciate the little barbecue joint located along the short, daily drive between our house and my grandparents’. We picked up the most amazing sandwiches there: slightly-sweet sauce soaked into smoked, pulled pork with crispy, burnt ends on toasted buns. My grandmother had our turkeys smoked there at Thanksgiving.

As an adult, the pursuit of good barbecue has been a life goal. When we moved to a new part of Atlanta 12 years ago, it took time—years actually—to find a new go-to BBQ restaurant. One day I discovered a promising one on Trip Advisor. Most of the reviews were great, except for one, which was really, really bad.

Ultimately, it was that bad review that convinced us to give them a try.

Not only did the management publicly respond, but they took responsibility for every aspect of the complaint. The manager even reviewed the security tape footage, located the transaction in question, and admitted, “We failed you.”

He didn’t deny or attempt to explain away their mistakes. He owned them. Completely.

Come visit me today at (in)courage to see how a lesson learned over good barbecue translates into a life lesson for us in our most precious relationships!

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