April 2018 Desktop Calendar Small

We’re enjoying a lovely spring in Atlanta! The Bradford Pears (as pictured in this month’s calendar) have shed their blooms and filled in their leaves. I took a run this morning and the puddles and the edges of the road are littered with the petals of cherry blossoms. Most of those trees are half bloom/half leaf at this point.

Next will come the dogwoods, one of my favorites; I haven’t seen any flowering ones yet. There are a couple of them behind my church and I check them each Sunday.

Easter Sunday was just beautiful here, mild and sunny. I hope your family had a lovely day and felt a deeper appreciation for the sacrifice of Father and Son, over 2000 years ago.

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If allergies are making you too miserable to enjoy the spring, visit my Oils page for more information about essential oils or feel free to shoot me a message through the Contact form linked at the top of the page (or just hit reply if you receive posts via email) and I’ll give you some ideas for natural relief.

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