I’m so tickled to share this new book with you: A Moment to Breathe: a 365-Day Devotional from (in)courage. It’s a labor of love from both the (in)courage contributors and the (in)courage community.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy—isn’t she a beauty?

A Moment to Breathe releases on October 3, but if you pre-order a copy from Lifeway by October 2, you’ll get this gorgeous DaySpring mug FREE while supplies last. I got mine!

Summer is a constant go! go! go! but fall is my happy place: my moment to breathe. I look forward to crisp autumn mornings in my fuzzy robe with a warm mug in my hand, my Bible and this book in front of me.

Fall’s cooler days inspire long walks and long walks inspire introspection. Let these devotionals spark your literal come to Jesus moments as you connect with Him while reflecting on the stories contained in them.

Last month I was able to sit down with my dear friend Mary Carver and talk about what moments to breathe look like for us. Few things can make you feel as awkward as seeing yourself on video. 🙂


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