Usually when I talk about friendship I think of my girlfriends, and I’ve got some good ones. But during this extended period of unemployment (Bryan was laid off 9 weeks ago) I’ve come to a deeper appreciation of the friend who shares my home and my life: my husband.

We are Quality Time people, so I was concerned about the impact of unemployment on our date nights. We’ve actually been blessed with an abundance of free entertainment lately, like movie screenings and concert tickets purchased earlier in the year.

We celebrate Best Friends Day on Thursday in style with the Avett Brothers at the Fox Theatre!

Looking for work is a full-time job and Bryan is working it, but not having to drive to work in the morning makes his bedtime more flexible. We’ve enjoyed nighttime walks around the neighborhood and watching movies ’til midnight.

Although we’ll be thankful when it ends, I think we’ll look back on his time of unemployment with fond memories.


We became grandparents just days before my husband lost his job and I’ve enjoyed seeing him in a new role: Pops. It looks good on him.

Do you have any special plans for Best Friends Day? I’m doubling up: my monthly ladies’ night out on Wednesday and the concert with my husband on Thursday.

Friendship is a gift worth celebrating!

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