“Whatever you give her for Valentine’s Day, make sure it includes roses!” I heard an announcer warn on the radio today, a do-or-die note of finality in his voice. That’s a lot of pressure, I thought, especially with the price of roses so high at this time of year.

Yes, if you give her big bouquet for Valentine’s Day, she’ll love them—but if she’s a frugal girl who understands the supply-and-demand price of those roses in February, she may secretly wish you’d given her something a little more practical. Something she can use. Something that won’t be dead in a week. {Insert sad face emoji.}

Give a gift that will remind her how much you love her long after the chocolates are eaten, the roses have wilted, and the dinner and a movie are over; a gift that will encourage and inspire her in this most important of earthly relationships—her marriage!

Give her my new book The Heart of Marriage!

Not only is it the perfect Valentine’s present, but this collection is a great gift for the bride-to-be, the couple celebrating a significant anniversary, or anyone looking for marriage encouragement and inspiration. Although The Heart of Marriage officially releases on Valentine’s, it’s available for pre-order from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD, Parable, Family Christian and Books-a-Million.

Check individual retailers for delivery dates. Barnes & Noble lists it as available later this week when you order online, and you can tell when it arrives at your local store by clicking the Check Store Availability link on The Heart of Marriage book page.

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