Amazon Subscribe & Save

Did you know Amazon offers a monthly subscription service for the items you use most? We started using it a few months ago and now I’m hooked!

How it Works

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program allows you to subscribe to items you use regularly and save money in the process. You automatically receive a 5% discount on subscriptions items, but the discount increases to 15% if you subscribe to five or more items in the same month!

Your subscriptions arrive at the same time each month and you can tailor each item’s delivery schedule to fit your needs. We have a monthly subscription for laundry detergent, but schedule our toothbrush delivery for every three months.

Subscribe & Save remembers things for you. Need to replace your home’s air filters, your mascara, and your toothbrushes every three months? Set a three month subscription. Do you buy dog food, deodorant, feminine products, and vitamins every two months? Set a two month subscription for these items. Need diapers, baby wipes, Keurig cups, and protein bars on a monthly basis? Subscribe to them using the 1 month option.

It’s easy to change your preferences based on actual usage. You can choose to skip a month if you don’t need an item or change the frequency of deliveries if you use it at a different rate than you originally estimated. As long as you subscribe to five items per month, you’ll save 15% on each of them.

[If you have trouble coming up with five items, add a monthly subscription for an inexpensive item (that you’ll use). A box of Special K Fruit and Yogurt cereal, which currently sells for $2.63, makes a great choice.]

You can even clip virtual coupons in Amazon’s Subscribe & Save store!

How Our Family Uses Subscribe & Save

Our family subscribes to these items:

We’re still tweaking our subscriptions to space them well. When our dishwasher broke earlier this year, we needed more dishwashing liquid and less (actually none at all) dishwashing tablets. My box of L’Oreal arrives when I’m ready to color my hair, now that I’ve determined how often that should be. If we have plenty of laundry detergent, I skip its delivery for the month.

It’s liberating to go to the grocery store and walk past the toilet paper and the laundry detergent aisles (we’ve used dryer balls for years, so I don’t buy fabric softener)—these items arrive at our door! As I subscribe to more items, shopping for our family becomes more streamlined and simplified.

And I need more of that.

{Disclosure: this post includes paid affiliate links, which means I’ll make a few pennies in Amazon credits if you make purchases after using them. My family and I thank you!}

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