I drive down the road enjoying a rare moment when I control the radio in spite of a car full of kids. My taste runs toward 80s, jazz, and the Avett Brothers, while my kids’ tastes veer (sadly) in other directions. Control of the radio dial involves a battle of reflexes and wills.

A catchy song comes on, an old favorite, and I join in with the singer as he laments a love that’s falling apart, a lack of common ground, two people who’ve misplaced each other in the day-to-day like a set of lost keys.

{When it comes to music, I’m a word-person: I need to turn the lyrics over in my mind and try to figure out what the songwriter wants to tell me before I can really appreciate the song. My mother, a voice major who held private recitals, was not a word-person. Are you?}

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Lessons in Love from a Pop Song

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