April 2015 desktop calendar

Spring has arrived with all kinds of crazy in my world: a graduation and two weddings! I’ve taken cap and gown pictures for the seniors in our homeschool group at our house this week. There’s so much change, wonder, and emotion packed into that one word: graduation.

Twenty six students, some alone, some with their mothers, have walked through my door in the past two days carrying black gowns on hangers; stuffing heads and hair into ever-awkward mortarboard caps; adjusting ties, necklaces, and academic cords; beginning to imagine what life after graduation will look like.

The moms look like they need a sympathetic hug, but then we’d probably both cry.

Later I’ll post about my quest for the dress (x2) for my new gig(s) as mother-of-the-groom and my pseudo-Weight Watchers diet plan!

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