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With our new bamboo floors, we have more non-carpeted, needs-mopped surface area than ever, making this the perfect time to review the Shark PRO Steam & Spray. Admittedly I’ve never liked to mop—until now.

Vacuuming is easy: a nice front to back motion that leaves your carpets clean and only requires periodic emptying of the canister or replacing the bags. Believe it or not, I like to vacuum, but mopping was a different story.

Traditional mopping requires either constant back and forth trips to the sink to rinse the mop, or lugging around a bucket of progressively dirtier mop water. When you finish, your sink is dirty and needs to be cleaned. As much as I enjoyed the end result, I never liked to mop.

We’d never had hardwoods before moving into our current home almost 9 years ago, and we soon learned that you shouldn’t get them too wet. That made mopping really tricky. To be honest, my floors haven’t been mopped nearly as often as they should for a loooong time.

I purchased another steam mop a while back, but the handle broke in half while I was using it (true story—user reviews showed I wasn’t the only one) and I often questioned whether it actually did much. Let’s just say I didn’t use that one very often either.

Shark Steam & Spray ButtonsMy new Shark PRO Steam & Spray has seen a lot of action the past few weeks and I love it! Here’s why:

  • Easy to assemble (did it myself)
  • 25′ removable power cord (cover a lot of ground without stopping to switch outlets)
  • Washable cleaning pad
  • SaniFiber disposable pads for icky kitchen or bathroom messes
  • Spray cleanser for messy spots
  • Abundant steam lets me know it’s cleaning
  • Feels like vacuuming!

Why does it feel like vacuuming? I can clean my floors with the same back and forth motion without trips to the sink or mop bucket; the damp spots evaporate almost immediately so I don’t have to avoid wet areas like traditional mopping; and I don’t have to clean my sink when I’m finished. I just toss the pad in the washing machine.

The Shark PRO Steam & Spray operates in 3 distinct cleaning modes:

  1. Steam & Spray: combine steam with Shark spray cleanser for tough jobs
  2. Spray only: spray the non-toxic cleanser from the built-in tank and use unplugged without steam (batteries included for operating spray function)
  3. Steam only: clean floors with super-heated steam (I use this most)

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Question(s) for you: Do you like to mop or hate it? Do you use a steam mop?

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