I am not a fighter. I’m a peacemaker by nature; a keeper of secrets; a respecter of privacy. I ruffle few feathers. Diplomatic, that’s me. My awareness of boundaries and personal privacy sometimes keeps people at a distance—not too close—even friends. Yes, sadly, even friends.

But in good friendships, like good marriages, disagreements happen. There’s a saying: If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary. I don’t want friendships that wither, stifled by a distaste for conflict, where one of us feels unnecessary, where opposing positions aren’t discussed.

Some women possess a gift for encouraging others to open up more than they would otherwise. Sometimes you have to gently probe to take a relationship beyond shallow waters. I want to be the girl who’s not afraid to ask hard questions; who digs deeper; leans in close and listen long to words heart-spoken; inspires trust; encourages truth and honesty.

Differences in opinion can divide, but friendship is worth the effort. Friendship is worth fighting for.

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