We live in a Pinterest world where you can peek into the homes, kitchens, and closets of others from the privacy of your computer or cell phone. {Follow me!} Although Pinterest sometimes make me feel inadequate, it’s a great source of inspiration.

I’ve looked at Melissa’s kitchen remodel, Nester’s update, Edie’s kitchen, these beautiful yellow cabinets, and these functional corner shelves (yes, I covet kitchens) more times than I can count.

Can you blame me?

I love seeing how others renovate and rejuvenate their space, so I’m welcoming you into our unexpected home renovation.


Handling the Unexpected

A pipe overflowed in our home on the Saturday morning after Christmas and as a result, all of the flooring in our house except for the bathrooms and the kids’ bedrooms will be replaced.

This is our living room at the moment: couches crammed in a corner, dining room table in the middle, bookshelves in odd places. My daughter’s dresser even made it’s way in here. Chaos.

You know how you can walk into your closet, notice a sweater you haven’t worn in years, and before you know it you’ve piled a stack of clothes for Goodwill on your bed? That’s what’s happening here. The renovation bug has bitten and even the kids are cleaning out their rooms and two want to repaint them.

We’ve been here 8 1/2  years—longer than we’ve lived anywhere in our married life—and it’s time to assess our belongings: what’s useful, beautiful, or too beloved to part with? The rest needs to go.

I find the idea liberating.

Trying to play Monopoly
[My youngest daughter looking for a place to play Monopoly.]

DIYing What We Can and Hiring the Rest

Because we want to upgrade from builder-grade carpet and engineered hardwoods to solid wood (bamboo) and stay within the amount we’re being reimbursed by our insurance company, we’re saving money by removing the old carpet and wood floors ourselves.

It’s a lot of work, but we’ll save $1500 for removing the flooring; another $300 for hauling it away instead of our installer renting a dumpster; and $135 because we picked up the new hardwoods instead of hiring a delivery service (my 15-passenger van comes in handy sometimes).

The new wood is stacked in boxes around our house to acclimate to the temperature and humidity. Flooring can shrink or expand and we want that to happen before it’s installed! I deal with allergies and hope that hardwoods instead of carpet in our bedroom will help.

I can’t wait to show you the full-scale laundry room overhaul that’s in the works!

Unfortunately you may see more “before” descriptions than photos—this renovation wasn’t planned—but I’m excited to invite you into our home each step of the way.

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