Your response to the January Clearance Sale at my Mary & Martha shop has been amazing. There are some unbelievable buys and you’re snatching them up! Thank you for shopping with me. I appreciate you!

There’s one more week of the sale, which ends January 31. Today I’m featuring eight more items plus links to the eight I featured earlier this month.

Mary & Martha January Clearance

  1. Blessed Candlestick – Large: regularly $39, sale $10 (this is a gorgeous piece)
  2. Grace Pillow: regularly $44, sale $9 (we have 2 of these – love!)
  3. Square Cross with Heart Necklace: regularly $38, sale $15
  4. Large Candlestick Vase: regularly $36, sale $10 (turn it one way, it’s a candlestick—flip it over and it’s a vase!)
  5. Special Plans Backpack: regularly $34, sale $12 (what child wouldn’t love this?)
  6. Set of Four Ceramic Plates: regularly $48, sale $22 (lovely!)
  7. Unfailing Love Pillow: sale $9 (we have 2 of these, too)
  8. Vintage Block Set: regularly $42, sale $15

I ordered two of the items pictured below (numbers 7 and 8) earlier this month, the Take My Heart Seal Necklace and the Vintage Stamped Satchel. I have worn the necklace almost every day since it arrived, and the satchel is one of those nicer-than-you-imagined items; I put my Bible and journal in it and carried it to church Sunday. Love the fabric and the leather handles!

I also ordered the Square Door Stop (regularly $21, sale $10) because my laundry room door will not stay open (I spend enough time in there that I don’t want to feel shut in!) and the Happy Morning and Silent Night Stocking Set because some of ours are wearing out.

Mary & Martha

  1. Joy Bracelet: regularly $44, sale $11 (one of my favorite bracelets)
  2. Grateful Hearts Copper Tray: regularly $94, sale $40 (a beautiful new M&M piece)
  3. Grateful Hearts Wood Pedestal: regularly $56, sale $15 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
  4. Guard Your Heart Key Necklace: regularly $54, sale $22 (keys are so trendy!)
  5. Large Pathway Globe: regularly $46, sale $11 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
  6. Small Indigo Vase: regularly $48, sale $18 (I have this one & the discontinued larger size – get it while you can!)
  7. Take My Heart Seal Necklace: regularly $56, sale $25 (I want this!)
  8. Vintage Stamped Satchel: regularly $57, sale $15 (this looks like a perfect book bag or Bible tote)

Click on the Shop button at my Mary & Martha store and then look for the blue January Clearance Sale link on the left side. Enjoy and thank you for your business!

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