I enjoy documenting my family’s day-to-day with Camera Phone Friday, but lately I’ve blogged less as we wrap up summer and transition into a new school year. Please join me as I recap the last four weeks in camera pics!

Camera Phone Friday #72

1. Big mushroom umbrella, 2. Little Mermaid, 3. Tiger Princess, 4. Love my new bracelet from @lisaleonard & @dayspringcards!

A local restaurant offers complimentary face painting and balloon animals on kids’ night. My kids would stand in line all night for this.

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Camera Phone Friday #72 (collage 2)

1. You might be a homeschooler if you have a dry erase board with the 8 parts of speech in your kitchen., 2. My 5Kers, 3. 10 and under 5K winner. Woo hoo!!!, 4. Little monkey 🙂

My son won 1st place in our neighborhood’s 5K race in the 10-and-under category, just days before he turned 11! (The hubs didn’t do so bad, either.)

Camera Phone Friday #72 (collage 3)

1. Ironic words, coming from an iPhone 😉, 2. @Moes_HQ genealogy chart #feedtheMOEment, 3. So small . . ., 4. Proverbs 21:30 #shereadstruth

I try to play proper nouns in Words With Friends, even though I know they aren’t allowed. A gal plays a lot of “unacceptable” words trying to score a few points in this game.

Camera Phone Friday #72 (collage 4)

1. Hitting the road to Hilton Head @incourage authors’ retreat with @deidrariggs @pensieverobin in our sweet @Kia Sorento!, 2. Hitting @chickfila for lunch in our @Kia #inBeach, 3. Keeping our @Kia clean!, 4. Hilton Head here we come!, 5. Cutest. Cookies. Ever., 6. Woo hoo – it’s the #inbeach! @sarahmarkley @beautyandbedlam @deidrariggs @annieblogs @thenester @emilypfreeman, 7. *Love* my new gift from @lisaleonard (lisaleonard.com), 8. Video shooting for 2013 @incourage #inrl, 9. #inrl 2013 video shoot w/ @angiesmith19 @jessicanturner @holleygerth @tothink @kristenstrong, 10. Southern comfort food, 11. Sunset, 12. Low tide #fromwhereistand, 13. Off to do a good deed for Habitat for Humanity, 14. Five Guys, 15. Headin’ home on a full tank 🙂

I spent last weekend in Hilton Head for our annual (in)courage authors’ retreat. Deidra, Robin, and I made the trip together in a sponsored Kia Sorento, a mighty sweet ride. This trip just gets better each year.

Highlights include: pure Southern comfort food catered by Orchid at One Hot Mama’s; running 3 miles using my new app that cycles running and walking (I ran 2 minutes and then walked 30 seconds, rinse and repeat); and a fabulous amount of quality girl time.

So, is 27 photos too many for a Camera Phone Friday? What has your camera phone captured lately?

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