Last week my 10-year-old son and I went on a mother/son date to see Space! at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Space! is a rollicking romp through the solar system: if you’re looking for a fun day in Atlanta with your child and a great learning opportunity, too, it’s a good choice for a trip into Atlanta.

We enjoyed the zany characters and slick puppet effects, which were explained after the show. The songs entertained and informed at the same time; we clapped our hands and tapped our feet and sang along.

As a mom, however, the thing that impressed me most was the way Space! presents factual information about the solar system in a way that doesn’t make a Bible-believing, Creationist parent cringe and take note of the things they’ll need to further discuss after the show. Well done!

Crazy alien puppets we madeOne of the highlights of our trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts was a visit upstairs after the show to the Create-a-Puppet Workshop. My son and I made silly alien puppets and we loved it!

Periodically the kids got to stand behind a puppet stage and perform a black-light production with their puppets, completely with wacky soundtrack. I filmed it with my phone, but apparently I don’t have enough memory left to save it.

Oh, how I love these onion rings!Any trip downtown is a good excuse to visit The Varsity, which rounded out our big day.

Space! runs a the Center for Puppetry Arts until March 11. Don’t miss it!

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