Today I feel a little bit like Santa. Or at least an elf. I’m an affiliate with DaySpring, and last month they asked if I had favorite items that I would like to offer to My Home Sweet Home readers at a heavy discount in December.

I chose items that I personally enjoy and would make meaningful gifts: the By Grace Alone Pendant and the He Fills My Life With Good Things Mug. I’m wearing the necklace and drinking out of the mug as I type this!

By Grace Alone - Pendant

The By Grace Alone Pendant is a little bit like Amish Friendship Bread but you don’t have to feed a bread starter or figure out what to do with all those loaves and you certainly won’t gain any weight. It works like this: a friend compliments you on your necklace; you order one as a gift for her; another friend compliments her on her necklace; she orders one as a gift for that friend; and the chain continues.

This story is based on personal experience.

The necklace normally sells for $19.99, but right now you can get it for $7.99, no promo code needed. Actually, the entire Necklaces and Pendants collection is seriously discounted!

Hoping my Awake tea is really packing some oomph today :)

I use DaySpring mugs daily. Our cabinets are full of them and I give away a lot as teacher, birthday, and Christmas gifts (and later I smile seeing them in friends’ homes, in use). The He Fills My Life With Good Things Mug is my favorite new design: I love the shape, color, and happy blue bird waiting for me at the bottom of my hot tea.

The mug lists for $9.99 on the site, but if you enter promo code Mug75 at checkout you can buy it for $2.50—that’s a stock-up price for sure! You MUST enter the promo code for this deal.

This sale ends on the 16th, the last day to order for Christmas delivery. Happy shopping!

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