BounceLast week the Bounce Facebook Page launched a truly wacky campaign called Bar and Sheet Hit the Streets and they want your help in brainstorming silly, offbeat uses for Bounce bars and dryer sheets outside of the laundry room.  Two “fanatics”—one for the bar and one for the sheets—will hit the streets enacting ideas submitted by Bounce Fans.

Share your zany ideas on their Facebook wall each week from Saturday to Monday. The three best ideas from each week will be posted on the wall for voting and the winning idea will be made into a video featuring the Bounce Fanatics.

On Tuesdays through Thursdays, while waiting for the winning video to be announced, created, and posted, you’ll have a chance to win limited edition “B-shirts.” Winning videos will be posted on Fridays.

The process repeats each week until May 27!

Need some inspiration?

Submit your idea for Bar and Sheet Hit the Streets: it has nothing to do with softening fabrics and everything to do with fun!

{Disclosure: I am being compensated for my participation in this campaign.}

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