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Say “Cheese!”  |  Afternoon Delight  |  New guinea pig  |  Butterfly flies away…
One Thousand Gifts at B&N  |  Soap  |  Tea in the treehouse  |  Homeschool Grafitti
A girl’s best friend  |  Big Red Barn  |  Trouble getting out of bed  |  Sick little darlin’
Bacon Cheeseburger  |  David Oakleaf concert  |  Ready to shoot!  |  The Little Mrs.

Beauty is all around us, hidden in the often-overlooked, mundane details of our daily lives. Those day-to-day moments have meaning and I want to capture them.

Recently I wrote about how much I’m loving the iPhone photography app, Instagram. My latest phone app crush is 100 Cameras in 1, which I heard about last weekend from a review at Digital Photography School. 100 Cameras in 1 lets you apply all kinds of cool filters to your photos, layer after layer of them if you like.

It has fun sound and visual effects. Unlike Instgram, the zoom and front-camera features of your iPhone’s camera can be used if you open it from within the app. After editing in 100 cameras in 1, I still post the images to Instagram for the social networking aspect of it.

After using it for almost a week, I still didn’t completely understand and appreciate all the app’s possibilities until I watched this video:

100 Cameras in 1 is currently on sale for 99¢.

Do you take pictures with your phone?

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