In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
~John 1:1

31 Days of EncouragementThe Bible calls Jesus “the Word.” Words can be amazingly powerful things. This week at BlissDom really made me think about words, as women gathered together and shared theirs. I told stories—ones that are meaningful, foundational to who I am—that I realize have never been captured here in print, in this container for important moments of my and my family’s history.

Brene Brown, the opening keynote speaker, talked a lot about shame and vulnerability, especially as they apply online. Here are a couple of quotes that I loved:

“When you say you don’t care what people think, and you mean it, you have lost the capacity to connect.”

“When you tie yourself to what people think, you lose the capacity to be vulnerable.”

“Vulnerability is the key to living and loving with your whole heart.”

When I started blogging over four and a half years ago, I established an internal filter before hitting publish: would it be okay if my father/pastor/neighbors/husband’s boss read this? Now I think sometimes my filter is so strong that it crushes me.

Without vulnerability, our stories can’t be told. My stories can’t be told.

I’m blessed to have blog readers who’ve always been kind and gracious; this has been a safe space. I want to tell my stories.

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