Last year was our first to send Studio DaySpring Christmas cards. We’d never made photo cards and it had actually been a few years since we’d sent cards at all. Disgraceful, I know, with my brood of kids to show off to friends and family.

Part of my problem was finding the right image. Here’s a secret: if you keep waiting for the “perfect” photo for your Christmas cards, chances are you won’t end up making any. My other problem was timing. While it probably isn’t a good idea to wait until the 20th, you can order your cards in December.

For more examples and tips for creating photo cards with Studio DaySpring, see my article featured in the Christmas catalog. You’ll find the print catalog tucked in with orders you place at the DaySpring store, or click here to read it online!

{Promo code SUPER30 will get you 30% off on Studio DaySpring orders placed by November 30.}

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