My two youngest daughters, ages three and five, had a lot of fun with Kinderbach. We didn’t use the program for the piano lesson angle, although you can print lessons and use it as a preschool piano program. We used it for general music education and fun. Our children have attended singing schools each summer for the past several years where they’ve learned about rhythm, the musical scale, beat, etc. My girls loved this aspect of Kinderbach: crouching down when low tones were played, standing straight and tall for higher notes. They also enjoyed the coloring pages, which teach about the notes.

KinderBach uses clever techniques to teach about the keyboard and its layout. The engaging videos feature both cartoon characters and a live teacher in a cartoon setting. A donkey named Dodi “lives” on the piano. His “house” fits perfectly on the keyboard where there are two black keys together.

“KinderBach does not color, sticker or number keys or turn the keyboard sideways. We just teach the children where the notes are using ANY piano without ANY additions.”


KinderBach can be used at home in two formats. Here’s what their website says about each:

  1. KinderBach Learning Center offers Online Piano Lessons for young children through web video, printed activity pages, interactive games and unique ‘piano karaoke’ songbook participation. This is our best value and most up to date material.
  2. KinderBach at Home offers the same engaging piano lessons as the online videos without the interactive gaming.  This DVD course is perfect for slower internet connection. We suggest you try the online lessons before purchasing the DVD’s.

KinderBach 2

KinderBach offers a no risk 30 day money back guarantee, enabling you to test the program and see if it is a good fit for your family.

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