Elementary Science

Jeannie Fulbright’s Young Explorer series is a comprehensive, Biblically-based elementary-level science curriculum. We received the third book in the series, Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, for review, a perfect choice since we already own the first two books (Astronomy and Botany).

Exploring Creation with Zoology is broken into 14 lessons, which can be divided into approximately two-weeks each. Simple experiments are included for each chapter, many including common household items. An “Items Needed to Complete Each Lesson” section at the beginning of the book, broken down by chapter, helps you gather the items required for the experiments in advance.

I appreciate the fact that the lessons are scripted, requiring little advance prep time for the teacher, and the book is packed with full-color pictures illustrating the lessons.

The Apologia website also contains downloadable PDF files for creating notebooks to go along with the curriculum (click on the “Course Notebook” link with an Adobe PDF icon next to it on this page). Jeannie Fulbright is also in the process of creating Notebook Journals to complement her elementary science courses (read about it here on her blog and download a sample of the astronomy lapbook). Lapbooks are available through CurrClick and free notebooking resources are also available through places like the Notebooking2Learn Yahoo group.

Beyond Elementary Sciences

Our family has used Apologia’s middle and high school science books for years. They are written to the student, in an open and engaging manner. Each contains sixteen modules, designed to be covered in two weeks each with thirty to forty-five minutes per school day devoted to science. “On Your Own” questions are designed to make your student think about what he’s read; illustrated “Figures” provide more in-depth information; experiments throughout the text add another dimension to the study of science.

Apologia Science books work well for co-op use, too. We have belonged to homeschool co-ops that have used both elementary and high school levels. Google “science kits for Apologia Science” and you’ll find companies that sell lab kits designed for the full spectrum of Apologia Science courses.

Apologia is a solid choice for your homeschool science needs from elementary school through high school.

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