This is one of our new pet frogs. We ended up with four of them after the heavy rains last weekend. You can tell how tiny they are – about the size of your thumbnail. Hayden has them in his room in an aquarium with a lid. They may be small, but these things can really move!

At first, we tried to figure out what to feed them. A couple of nights ago, Hayden came upon the solution. He caught a fly out of the air (yes, Bryan can catch a fly in his hand out of mid-air, too) and put in in the aquarium. Apparently one of the frogs put on quite a show eating it. Hayden and Clayton were impressed.

I spend a lot of time chasing flies since the kids are coming and going all day and letting more in as fast as I can swat them. Now Hayden is after them, too, but for a different purpose. I just hope nobody starts trying to let them in intentionally…

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