I wanted to pass along a couple of great breakfast ideas I got from Large Family Logistics. Large Family Logistics is a website, with blog, dedicated to great ideas for home management, especially but not exclusively for large families. I learned about them because they received the award for best family blog from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (TOS). The picture on the left is of the Dutch Puff. I had to take a picture because it was just so awesome looking! The outside edges are more bread-like, and the inside has more egg. It’s great with syrup on top. Fran, Andrew liked it, too! At first I thought the eggs weren’t cooked, but then I realized that it was swimming in butter. Anything swimming in butter works for me! In the picture you can also observe my clean kitchen countertop and stove, since I had time to clean while waiting for the butter to melt to cook the puff – another perk! 🙂 Today we tried Baked French Toast. Another hit! I even made it healthy with fresh-ground wheat French bread.

Both of these recipes are prepared at night, put in the fridge, and then cooked in the morning, which works great for me since I rarely cook anything more exciting than oatmeal for breakfast. If you don’t have a large family, I would recommend dividing the recipe in half and cooking in a smaller dish, since these recipes easily feed a family our size.

I would love to see more great recipe ideas. Later I will post my Grandmother Piles’s pie crust recipe, which is wonderful and so simple since you prepare it right in the pie plate – no rolling and transferring! Posted by Picasa

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