Are there specific flowers or flowering bushes that you consider essential to your garden? That’s how I feel about gardenias! We had them at two of our last three homes and now it seems we have eight large bushes outside our bedroom windows and three of the dwarf variety in front of our house.

I thought we’d see the gardenias from our new house in a summer calendar, but I almost missed them! It felt like we went from dozens of gorgeous blooms to a few stragglers in no time. I know it was weeks, I just wasn’t ready to see them go. If they’re like the bushes from our old house, we’ll have a repeat performance in late summer. I sure hope so!

Our new yard continues to delight. If I have identified them correctly, the newest finds are a vitex, or chaste tree, and a beautyberry shrub, each with lovely purple flowers. Whoever landscaped our yard designed it to unfold, from month to month, and we’re enjoying the show during our first year here. It’s a series of revelations!

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