If you have dressed up your desktop with my calendars in the past and wondered what happened, welcome back and thank you for grace! We sold our house in November and moved in December and I only recently fired up the old 27″ iMac that I use for photo editing and making these calendars.

To be honest, I didn’t know if it had any life left and I was afraid to find out. It’s slow as Christmas, as my mom used to say, but still hanging in there. Thanks for hanging in there with me too!

Watching our new yard come to life this spring has been a day-to-day revelation. Last week I realized we have eight gardenia bushes outside our bedroom and bathroom windows. They’re just beginning to bud and I won’t be surprised if they show up in a calendar this summer too.

Our azaleas were spectacular (I heard this was an especially good year for azaleas), with blooms in five separate shades from fuchsia to pale pink to white. I especially liked the mix of colors in this month’s calendar flower.

Download June’s Desktop Calendar


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