Christmas Cactus

On this Easter Sunday morning I’m thinking about Hope with a capital h, Hope you can hang your hat on and cling to in the dark. Take a moment to soak in the lyrics from this beautiful hymn written by Isaac Watts in 1707.

I can only imagine how many hearts they’ve comforted over the years.

Happy Easter—He is risen!

Thus Far the Lord Has Led Me On

Thus far the Lord hath led me on,
Thus far His power prolongs my days,
And every evening shall make known
Some fresh memorial of His grace.

Much of my time has run to waste,
And I, perhaps, am near my home;
But He forgives my follies past,
And gives me strength for days to come.

In vain the sons of earth or hell
Tell me a thousand frightful things
My God in safety makes me dwell
Beneath the shadow of His wings.

I lay my body down to sleep;
Peace is the pillow for my head;
While well appointed angels keep
Their watchful stations round my bed.

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