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I am oh, so ready for fall: jeans, boots, minty hot chocolate, warm blankets. I’m one of those unfortunate southerners who doesn’t love hot weather. You can only shed so many layers, ya know?

I love tucking chilled arms into a snuggly sweater, steaming mug warming my fingers. We’re setting record highs here in Georgia, but a girl can dream.

s'mores under the stars

Tuesday night we took lawnchairs and a portable fire pit outside and made s’mores under the lights strung across our front yard. My son wanted Reese’s cups instead of Hershey bars for the chocolate portion, which didn’t go over well for anyone but him. I like my marshmallows to catch fire, burn for a second, and then I blow them out: charred, toasty outsides with gooey insides.

{Am I the only one who didn’t realize until just a few years ago that s’more is a contraction for some more?}

You can see the bare feet and shorts in the photo, but I did go back inside for a hoody, which felt like a win.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how few years we’ve got left with kids in the house. Five of our eight have graduated and three are married; we welcomed our third grandchild in late August.

Seasons change in both life and the weather.

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