March 2018 Desktop Calendar

Birth and rebirth are on my mind, and the image and verse for this month’s calendar reflect it. Our oldest daughter is past her due date with our first granddaughter; we’re waiting for the phone to ring to race to the hospital!

Our family is full of March babies: my husband and I, our second son, and our only grandson were born in March.

Although spring doesn’t officially start for almost three weeks, it’s definitely in the air here in Georgia. Bradford Pears are filled with white blooms, the petals already falling from many as green leaves take their place.

I found this tulip tree, or Japanese Magnolia, when I hopped in the car with my camera to go capture some of them. This was one of the few blooms still fresh enough to photograph, the ground covered with its purply-pink petals.

I love the hidden detail in the center and like to imagine I’m the only human to see it, although I’m happy to share it with you. 🙂

I added an image of Bradford Pear blossoms at the top of my home page (email subscribers can see it here).

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

With Love, Mom releases this week!

Writers like to say that we birth our books, so my daughter isn’t the only one bringing something new into the world this week. With Love, Mom releases this Tuesday, March 6. It’s filled with stories about mothers and daughters; I wrote one for each of my four daughters and my mother.

Maybe my first granddaughter will arrive on the day when a book mentioning her—although I didn’t know my daughter was having a girl when I wrote the story—is published!

With Love, Mom includes stories from Rachel Macy Stafford, Holley Gerth, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Wynter Pitts, Rachel Anne Ridge, and more than 30 other beloved voices as they share their journeys and parenting memories. These stories are just lovely and I promise you’ll treasure this collection !

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