September 2017 Desktop Calendar Small

August was one of the few months I haven’t offered a downloadable desktop calendar since I started making them several years ago. For those of you who faithfully download them each month—I’m so sorry!

I had a busy August with a book deadline (more about that to come!); my oldest daughter’s wedding (watch for a wedding-on-a-budget post); the beginning of our Classical Conversations school year; and a yearly authors’ retreat. The calendar was ready for you on the first, but I moved my blog’s hosting last week and wasn’t supposed to change anything until it was complete.

Some of the comments on my Cirque du Soleil giveaway were lost in transition, but I added them back to the original post since they were emailed to me. Laury Richardson is the winner!!

Decorate Your September Desktop!

This photo was taken last October on our anniversary trip to Hawaii. We’ve never taken a trip like that and it was exciting to photograph things I’ve never seen before, like these plumeria, or frangipani. Aren’t they lovely!

Are you sad summer’s ending or as excited as I am that fall’s on the way?

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