Today I’ve got both a preview and a review of live entertainment, currently seen here in Atlanta and then traveling to other cities along their way, what we’re streaming at home, and one of the funniest films of 2017 you may not have seen.

The King and I Comes to Atlanta’s Fox Theatre!

Production photos for The King and I have got me so excited to see it Tuesday night at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre. The colors and clothing are downright lush! The King and I is part of the Broadway in Atlanta series and shows nightly September 26-October 1. Get your tickets here.

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA

My daughter and I saw LUZIA last week under the big tent at Atlantic Station. Cirque du Soleil shows continue to amaze me—their performers accomplish feats that don’t seem possible.

How do they do it? Nothing but the most rigorous training makes this show possible.

The unique thing about LUZIA is its use of water. It falls from the ceiling in various shapes and sometimes fills an appearing/disappearing pool on the stage. At one point I questioned whether the water was real, but it is. The effect is amazing.

Photo: Matt Beard © 2017 Cirque du Soleil

We participated in a Q&A after the show with two of the performers and learned more about Cirque. An average show runs for 10 years. There are currently 20 Cirque shows running worldwide, with 10 of them on tour.

Jaw-dropping LUZIA highlights include a Guinness World Record holder juggling seven pins at breakneck speeds, a male contortionist skillfully twisting his body in the world’s most unimaginable positions, a powerful Aerial Straps specialist defying the laws of gravity at the center of cenote (natural sinkhole), and two football (soccer) freestylers deftly mixing street dance with mind-blowing ball manipulations.

Photo: Matt Beard © 2017 Cirque du Soleil

Photo: Matt Beard © 2017 Cirque du Soleil


After finishing Turn: Washington’s Spies on Netflix, we moved straight into another historical drama: Poldark. If its handsome star, Aidan Turner, looks familiar to you, it’s because he played Fili in the recent Hobbit movies and was the dwarf half of that strange dwarf-elf romance added in the films. (What would Tolkien say?)

Poldark is a PBS production, but the first two seasons are streamable through Amazon Prime Video, available to Prime subscribers.

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time and features Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Daniel Craig like you’ve never seen them. If you liked Raising Arizona, chances are you’ll like Logan Lucky.

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What are you streaming now and what’s the best movie you’ve seen recently?

Disclosure: Tickets provided for The King and I and LUZIA.

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