{Y’all know the rest of the story, but I wrote today’s (in)courage post last week before my husband received a job offer. Click on over to read the lessons I learned during our months of unemployment and the sweet comments from the (in)courage community.}

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It’s the wildest kind of hope to begin a follow-up to my April post God Is Good All the Time before my husband actually receives a job offer, but it feels so very close. I tell him he’s almost employed and in our gut we believe it. But still . . . So I’ll walk you through the past 12 weeks when we’ve held fast to hope and peace in the midst of unexpected unemployment and what I’ve learned — or remembered — along the way. For years I said — in the nicest possible way — that I wished my husband’s former employer would have an Ebenezer Scrooge experience and realize he has a responsibility for his employees. It never happened, which is why my husband found himself suddenly unemployed after 17 years with the same company. When he called to say that he, along with years of accumulated personal possessions, was on his way home, my feelings were mixed: shock that he was unemployed, but happiness that our financial future was no longer controlled by someone who didn’t care about us. From the beginning I felt peace, and when people asked about us I joked, If we’re unemployed two months from now, then I’ll worry. My arbitrary two month deadline came and went with no job offer, but honestly, I wouldn’t sacrifice a day of these past twelve weeks. And as I write this, my husband is still unemployed. Please join me at (in)courage for the rest of the story!

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