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Our beautiful daylilies have fewer blooms than in years past. The tree above has grown wide and full and just a few peek out from under its shade. I photographed them just in time! Later that day and early the next two of my kids picked most of them to put in bouquets for their rooms.

I’m not much of a gardener and seem to kill most indoor plants, but we’ve got some beauties—gardenias, magnolias, hydrangeas, Rose of Sharon, daylilies, azaleas, and ever-spreading spearmint—that return year after year in our yard.

Last year my daughter planted daffodil and tulip bulbs that had been given to us in little plastic containers from the grocery store. What a lovely surprise when they bloomed in early spring!

We planted a little shade garden by our front door the year after we moved into our house; we’ve been here nearly 12 years. Hostas, primroses, some flowers I can’t name, and a Japanese Painted Fern live there.

Years ago I had two big ferns in fancy pots in our dining room but they made such a mess I transplanted them outside, where they thrive in the warm, damp air coming from the exterior vent from our clothes dryer.

My Husband has a Job Offer!

Here’s our big news: after twelve weeks of unemployment, my husband received a job offer Thursday! He starts next Wednesday, after the 4th of July holiday. I think he’ll have great opportunities there and we just couldn’t be any more excited.

Obviously I’m glad he found a job, but I sure will miss him. I’ve gotten used to having him around the house! Thank you for praying and checking in on us. You are appreciated!

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