November’s calendar is early because I managed to miss October. {insert sad face emoji} BUT, I’ve added iPhone and iPad options for the first time! The screens are oriented differently (portrait v. landscape), so those are of a different-but-similar photo without text. Hope you like it!

Fall temps are sneaking into Georgia but most of our leaves are still green, so we’re taking a tropical trip on our desktops this November with these sunny orchids!

News for Old and New Blog Subscribers!

I’ve made the switch from Feedburner to Mad Mimi for blog email subscriptions. In a perfect world this transition will work seamlessly and this post will arrive in your inbox on Friday morning if you’re an email subscriber. In a less than perfect world, you’ll get two emails (one from the new service and one from the old) or none at all.

If you subscribed to my blog in the past and never received any emails, this could be your first. Feedburner required you to click a link in a follow-up email and sometimes those got lost or found their way into spam folders, but I think all subscriber emails imported into Mad Mimi. Welcome!

For new readers: If you’d like to subscribe to posts by email click here. If you’d like to subscribe to the RSS feed in a reader, click here.

Download November’s Desktop Calendar!


{I’d love to hear what you think of the new subscription service—feel free to comment on this post or drop me a line!}

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