September 2016 desktop calendar

. . . to make up for August’s being late non-existent.

I think the last time I missed a monthly desktop calendar was December 2013. I’m so sorry! In case your computer/tablet/phone are itching for a fresh face, here’s September’s calendar a little early (it just seemed silly to release an August calendar with only a week left in the month).

I call the big tree on the right the seasons tree. It’s in a field about 2 miles from my house and I love to watch it change throughout the year. I wait until I can drive out of my neighborhood without another car close behind and then stop in the street and photograph it out my window (my neighbors might be a little freaked if they saw me, looking all stalker-ish; a photo of this tree even appears in my first book, ).

Cows huddle under its shade in the summer heat. Here we have a nice pair—a black and a white—within the late afternoon shadow, stretched across the field.


Download September’s Desktop Calendar!

[I updated the bad links for some sizes from when this was first posted!]

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