Bee on Sunflower

I tried to cancel Thanksgiving dinner this year.

The memory of last year’s failed turkey spatchcocking experiment remains vivid in my mind. Although I’ve flipped the calendar page twelve times, it’s hardly enough to forget that big bird, which remained uncooked when our guests arrived, and that leaky pan, which dribbled into the bottom of the oven.

A cloud of smoke filled the air as the juices burned off and the smoke detectors blared until we unplugged them.

By the time that stubborn turkey cooked, everything else was cold. My new dressing recipe contained bacon, but three of our guests were eating Kosher. Mark me 0 for 2 on crucial elements of the traditional holiday feast.

It’s hard to redeem Thanksgiving dinner when you’ve ruined the turkey and dressing.

If I had to use one word to describe Thanksgiving 2014 in my kitchen, it would be #FAIL. Make that #EPICFAIL.

So maybe it’s no surprise I tried to book a friend’s mountain cabin for Thanksgiving weekend this year. I thought a change of scenery would charm my kids and keep them from noticing the absence of turkey and dressing (which they don’t like much anyway) and the rest of the family would understand why I ran away after last year’s fiasco.

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