When the first two of our sons got married this spring (three weeks apart), my husband embraced the father-of-the-groom’s job of making a toast at the rehearsal dinner. He put a lot of thought into it, as you should when making a speech in front of your soon-to-be daughter-in-law and her family, who will hopefully still want to merge with yours when you finish.

(We’ve all seen horrifically failed wedding toasts in movies, so I admit I was nervous when he began.)

It’s one thing to know your marriage works — and ours does: we celebrate 30 years this fall — but it’s another to analyze why and put it in words. It’s also interesting to hear why it works from your husband’s perspective.

When he raised his glass and toasted the happy couple at the first wedding, here are some of the things my husband said:

[How’s that for a cliffhanger? Please click on over to (in)courage today to finish the story!]

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