Sometimes I think God needs my help, that the ruler and creator of the universe needs me, the frazzled mom in the SUV, to help him get ‘er done. Laughable, yes?

Do you do it too?

I seek God’s guidance in my life and earnestly pray for it: Lord keep me in Your will. I trust Him and I know that His plans are more perfect—and certainly more well-informed— than mine.

But our timetables aren’t always the same, and therein lies my trouble.

My thoughts sometimes sound like this: Lord, I think I see your ultimate plan here, so I’m going to nudge things along to help you out. Maybe we can resolve this a little faster, okay?

And surely God shakes His holy head at my foolishness, my misconceptions, my lack of faith, my failure to trust that He is in control. My intentions are good. I mean well, really I do. But in rational moments, I know there’s nothing I can do to assist God.

He doesn’t need my help.

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