March 2015 Desktop Calendar

My first instinct was to use a photo from a couple of weeks ago for this month’s desktop calendar, when the world was covered in ice, until my girls came in from walking the dog this morning and said it feels like spring. Spring! And we’ve still got the soggy remains of last week’s snowman’s clothes lying in our front yard.

Your calendar is a day late because I’ve been busy busy busy finishing The Gift of Friendship, which will be next year’s follow up to The Beauty of Grace. I may be just a teeny bit biased, but I believe you will love this book.

Lately I’ve heard people say that the word grace keeps popping up in front of them. There is beauty and grace all around us when we open our minds and hearts to see it (and even when we don’t).

May this desktop calendar bring a little loveliness to your March days and remind you of God’s beauty and grace all around you.

Download March’s Desktop Calendar!



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