My camera and I tend to hibernate in the winter, when the temperature is low and the scenery bland. But spring’s arrival brings mild temperatures and fresh sights sure to lure us outdoors.

Here are four compelling reasons to dust off your camera and get out there and shoot!

Capture Spring’s Blooms While They Last
Beautiful blossoms usher in the spring, but many disappear too soon. Here in the southeast I watch for the daffodils first, followed by the cherry blossom and the dogwood trees, just in time for Easter. You can find beauty and interest even in the weeds, like the white puffball of a dandelion.

Lose the Extra Pounds
The combination of richer foods and a less active lifestyle adds extra pounds to my waistline during the winter months. I start with the best of plans — sweatsuits and an I think I can, I think I can attitude towards cold-weather workouts — but my reality never matches my expectations. Taking your camera outdoors for a spring nature walk provides some extra incentive to get out and move!

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