My husband and I visited a winery and vineyard on our anniversary and thankfully we found a few clumps of grapes still on the vine. Although it wasn’t the best time of day, photographically speaking, I was able to crouch down and get some backlit images.

I’m still doing that only-a-tiny-sliver-of-this-image-is-in-focus thing with my macro lens, but I love the detail in the grapes. And did you see how I emphasized the backlight and then used a verse with light in it? Yeah, I can be clever that way.

Download November’s Desktop Calendar!


So 31 Days of Daily Grace begins with a desktop calendar and ends with one, too. I pray this one warms your soul as you ease into the cool of November. Enjoy!


{This is day 31 of a 31 day series, 31 Days of Daily Grace. Find all posts in this series here.}

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