I recently attended a blogger event at IKEA Atlanta, celebrating the launch of the 2015 catalog. I’ve been to IKEA many times, but I learned more about their products, showrooms, and corporate philosophy. I’ll share highlights here and images from the new catalog. Enter at the bottom for a chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card!

Living Spaces


IKEA open bookcases

Because we are readers and homeschoolers, our home brims with bookcases, four of which are IKEA. Stand them side-by-side and they look like built-ins. Open-backed styles show the wall color behind them or work well as room dividers.

IKEA loveseat

Don’t you love these colors and the multi-loveseat arrangement? My son wants a loveseat under his loft bed and with a price tag of $99, he’ll probably get one of these.

IKEA pillows

IKEA rugs

In IKEA you’ll find textiles in both bold, fun shapes and colors as well as more delicate patterns. Pillows, rugs, and curtains add personality and punch to your home, especially if you have solid couches, like we do.


IKEA comforters

We’ve never owned a comforter designed for use with a duvet cover and now I wonder why. IKEA sells them in both down and synthetic options, and in warmer or cooler weights so you can switch seasonally or target your personal comfort preference.

IKEA duvet cover

Since IKEA adds new designs four times a year, you can update the look of your bedroom seasonally or whenever you feel the need. I love small changes—I don’t even buy the same shampoo twice in a row—so this feels like an easy way to mix things up. Duvet sets come with matching pillow cases and some styles are reversible.

green IKEA bedroom

I want this bedroom: the beadboard bed and nightstand, the bookcase, the bed curtains, the couch and fireplace. Everything.

Kitchens and Food Storage

IKEA kitchen

We burned our kitchen counter over three years ago; a marble pastry board still covers it. I picked out a quartz countertop at IKEA to replace it, but once I found these white beadboard cabinets I decided I want the whole package. Our cabinets are dark wood and not designed in a space-efficient way. I covet those big IKEA lower cabinet drawers. Someday!

IKEA pantry

This pantry is dreamy: functional, stylish, clean and simple.

The 2015 IKEA catalog will give you so many ideas for decorating your home in style and on a budget. View it online here. You can even put it on your phone.

5 Things I Learned about IKEA

  • The first five rooms of the showroom are fairly consistent store-to-store and are designed to show off the catalog.
  • Atlanta’s showroom was recently remodeled to add outdoor areas to two of the first display rooms since outdoor spaces can be used year-round here.
  • IKEA Atlanta recently completed a $10K renovation at Wellspring Living, a local organization that helps young survivors of sexual exploitation. Employees volunteered their time and skills for this project.
  • IKEA mattresses have a 25-year warranty. Crazy, right?
  • IKEA Family members get in-store discounts and wi-fi, and free tea or coffee in the store’s restaurant.

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What is your favorite thing about IKEA or favorite IKEA item?

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