March 2014 Desktop Calendar

Are you surprised? I’m posting your desktop calendar on March 1 and it actually says March 2014 on it with the correct number of days in the month! This is impressive considering I can figure out every possible way to mess up a desktop calendar without realizing it until someone points out the problem(s).

If you’ve wondered what in the world happened to our home renovation (and me, for that matter), I’ll update you soon, hopefully this week. Our new floors are amazing. We’re still unboxing and putting things back in place (and hauling lots of Do we really need this? items to Goodwill).

I don’t blog much about movies, however I attend lots of screenings here in Atlanta, the Flixster app is on my home screen, and dinner and a movie is our date night of choice. I’ve noticed some interesting trends lately, for better or for worse, and I may start blogging more about movies. (Feel free to check out my most popular post last year, Movies for Date Nights at Home.)

Download March’s Desktop Calendar




I hope you like the black and white and the artsy fartsy grain effect. I recently bought the Nik Collection and I’m slightly obsessed with Silver Efex Pro 2. Google purchased Nik and now the full Nik suite (7 editing programs) comes bundled together, plus the price dropped. I used a 15% off coupon (sorry, I don’t remember which one I used), but I found a couple more online that might work for you this month: cdodds or GCLURE. Full retail is $149, so that would make it around $126.

Have a great week!

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