The rest of the world calls this Valentine’s Day, but this year I call it Day One of our flooring renovation. If you’ve followed our progress, you’ll see that we’re at a more organized level of chaos now as we try to move furniture and boxes ahead of and around the installation.

Organized Chaos. Just go with it.



The table made it back into the dining room!


All of the carpet except a little bit under my desk is gone from the office/schoolroom. I’m still cleaning my desktop because WHAT A JOB!

See my new desk chair (it still has that blue ribbon thing around it)? Greatest. Purchase. Ever. I found it at Sam’s Club Monday when I was stocking up with groceries before round 2 of Snowpocalypse Atlanta 2014 and it was love at first sight. My old chair was at least 12 years old I’d started pinning my left arm up behind me to support my back, but wouldn’t notice until my shoulder hurt from the arm pinning thing.

Serta makes this one in a lovely dark brown leather (they call it Chestnut Brown). It supports my back and the armrests are adjustable. (If you need a new desk chair, here it is at Sam’s and Amazon. Sam’s definitely kills it on the price.)



The eat-in area of our kitchen now holds bookcases and their boxed contents, chairs, plants, a sideboard, and anything else we could cram out of the way. Unfortunately I can’t reach the blinds to open them for natural light during the day, but that will change soon.

I haven’t shared before photos of our bedroom, but it’s part of this renovation, too. We bought an area rug at TJ Maxx/HomeGoods in January; they rolled it up and taped it closed and it’s been that way ever since. I just hope it actually matches our walls and comforter. I forgot what it looks like!

For the next post in this series we should have flooring and not plywood. I can’t wait! It’s been a long process, but I’ll appreciate it all the more for the wait.

I hope Rudy, our installer, doesn’t mind being stalked photographed.

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